Maria Militsi

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"Self-Portraits" is a series that was originally started for a solo show at Marsden Woo Gallery in 2011 and finally completed in 2015. The work now belongs to a private collector in London.

The first part is comprised of 220 wearable crucifixes collected through sources such as Ebay from sellers across the world in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. The pieces are arranged in close formation on a plain wooden cross. Together the crucifixes represent different stylistic and cultural expressions of ideas of Christianity. From beautiful and precious to common and tacky when brought together in a mass, raise questions about religion, authenticity, iconography and the role of collecting in art practice.

The second part presents ghost-like imprints of the original crucifix forms cast in silver. The imprints are also mounted on a plain wooden cross that mirrors the first cross. Seen together the two crosses juxtapose positive with negative, colour with monochrome, a multiplicity of materials with a single metal, and tangible with absent form.

The last part is a contextualising series of black and white photographic portraits of friends, relatives and acquaintances from Greece and UK who each wear one of the collection of 220 crucifixes.