Maria Militsi

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"Skipper"(drift wood from the Thames foreshore, antique ball bearings, Arthur Beale rope, 1800s CdV photograph).

"Countercurrent" - An exhibition by staff of BA Jewellery design at Central Saint Martins in collaboration with Arthur Beale.

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"Maria Militsi explores a different but seriously playful relationship between rope and the body in her decision to make a skipping rope, which she indicates can facilitate equally the diversions of children`s play and the serious exercises of adult physical training. The use of Arthur Beale rope is to be complimented by a practical invocation of the chandler`s history: the handles are to be made from driftwood sourced on the Thames foreshore, referencing the firm`s original location as John Buckingham`s premises before 1800 on the then bustling, now underground Fleet River. Photographs contextualising the evocation of these histories in the making and use of this piece also form part of the work. One, from the late of 19th century, shows a girl holding her "skipper"; others are from the foreshore and of a vintage "skipper" used as a model for the size and form of the new piece, which incorporates some of the antiques components. The display provides a narrative of Militsi`s craftwork whilst also pointing up perennial issues of differentiation and distinction between contemporary designer making and conceptual art."
Paul Filmer - "Countercurrent" exhibition catalogue.